DSTE Aims To Build A Silver Ecosystem With Blockchain Technology
A silver mining ecosystem characterized by “Joint Creation, Integration, Co-existence and Joint Consultation”

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Become the company with most advanced technology and first-rate management in the field of silver to create a deep integration of industry cross-border development and build a silver mining ecosystem of “Blockchain + Smart Contract + Internet + Mining + Finance + Trading”


DSTE aims to build a silver mining ecosystem characterized by joint creation, integration, co-existence and joint consultation. The development of the mining industry is the process of the continuous extension of the industrial chain and the continuous evolution of the ecosystem. The development of the silver mining ecosystem will bring a breakthrough and subversive development of new kinetic energy for the progress of the industry and the win-win cooperation. DSTE is committed to build new mining ecosystem, expand science and technology, resources, funds, brands, public relations and investor relations, and contribute greatly in the promotion for the prosperity and development of silver with complementary advantages and evolutionary upgrading.

Silver mineral resources are heavy asset resources. It’s always been a topic of discussion within the industry of how to make the resources flow and liquidate. On the basis of the international silver retailing industry, DSTE will create a silver ecosystem with the help of blockchain technology, so as to digitize the industrial resources, make the assets circulate, and further promote the industrial development and innovation.

Characteristics and Advantages of DSTE’s Blockchain Technology:
  • Decentralization

    Since DSTE uses distributed accounting and storage, there is no centralized hardware or management organization with equal rights and obligations at any node. The data blocks in the system are maintained by the nodes with maintenance functions in the whole system. From technical perspective, establishing the technology of decentralized trust is of subversive significance for improving efficiency and expanding business frontier.

  • Full net bookkeeping

    DSTE blockchain adopts a distributed shared accounting technology, a full net bookkeeping system with mutual assistance and cooperation, which is conducive to build a credit system that all could benefit. Using a consensus algorithm to record and verify all transaction records transparently and using mathematical algorithms instead of intermediaries could reduce greatly disputes and time waste compared to the traditional centralized mode.

  • Professional and transparent

    DSTE database adopts distributed storage with time stamps that can’t be tampered, so as to solve effectively issues like data tracking and anti-counterfeiting of information etc. Building of a transparent system for information release will allow easy supervision and control in real time the actual transaction information on the platform.

  • Prompt transaction verification

    DSTE can achieve transaction verification within seconds thanks to the optimization of key sections such as signature algorithm, consensus mechanism and storage of books.

  •            Built-in smart contracts

    A smart contract of DSTE is a set of commitments defined digitally, and blockchain is transformed into a party of the contract, responsible for the maintenance, preservation of the contract and its automatic execution.

  •         Issuance of multiple assets

    DSTE blockchain can support different types of customers and issuance and transaction of multiple assets. Each asset can be tracked with details like its issuer, issued quantity and transaction etc.