8 Simple Techniques to Earn More Bitcoin

Would it not be exciting to know the easy ways to earn more Bitcoins besides trading and mining? The truth is when you step into the world of crypto space, everything seems unfamiliar at first. But, if you start researching you will soon discover many simple techniques to earn cryptos. Can you believe that by shopping online and watching videos it is possible to earn Bitcoins? Here are some of the interesting and lesser-known ways to make yourself Bitcoin-rich:

  1. Accept as payment: The easiest way to earn Bitcoins is of course to accept it as payment for goods and services you sell. So, if you own a small business you can make the integration quickly. All you need is a wallet whereby you can “add fund” and “receive money”. The QR code contains your unique Bitcoin address; your buyers will have their Bitcoin apps on their smartphones that they use for transacting value of their purchase, in USD, for instance. The app will calculate the value in BTC and you can check the wallet for incoming payments.
  2. Do micro tasks: Did you know that you can earn free Bitcoins by completing certain tasks on websites, like watching some videos or advertisements?
  3. Shop online: This can be a godsend for the shopaholic because now you can actually earn more Bitcoin simply by shopping on sites. Lolli, a browser extension, offers you rewards in Bitcoins when you buy stuff from some stores online. Bitcoin is getting into e-commerce platform gradually. The bitcoin trade has considerably raised due to automation. Have a look at this bitcoin trader krypto-plattform test review to learn about the efficacy of automated trading bots. These stores enter into partnership with Lolli for driving purchases to their websites; so, a part of the payments made to Lolli are forwarded to you.
  4. Take surveys: Is it not incredible that you can actually earn free Bitcoins by completing some online surveys? This is the fastest way to generate some extra cash. For example, Timebucks encourages you to complete surveys, publish on social media, install apps and click on ads, all to get cryptos in exchange. So, if you register on these sites, you will be provided with a list of available surveys and their corresponding pay rates. You can even earn Bitcoins by inviting your friends to this platform.
  5. Interest earnings: The smart way to earn more Bitcoins is to lean Bitcoins that you may already have to people looking for it and earn interest on the amount leased. Ideally, you should extend loans to people that you know directly; that will help you decide whether he can be trusted. Besides, you can access peer-to-peer lending sites to see list of borrowers.
  6. Trading: You can always get more Bitcoins by trading it; the easiest way is through arbitrage. So, when you identify an opportunity for buying an asset at a specific price on an exchange, and another opportunity to sell it for a higher price at another exchange, you should go for it. The bots like Bitcoin Prime makes it easy for you. It places the trade automatically for you and does not require you doing anything manually. It is best for people who seek financial independence and want to create a passive income to take care of their needs. Have a look at this bitcoin prime svenska blog that talks about Bitcoin Prime and the narration is intended for Swedish investors. So, investments with robots has a future.
  7. Mining: This has always been a guaranteed technique to earn Bitcoins but it is an energy-intensive process that requires you to invest a lot of capital upfront. Every time you mine a block successfully, you get rewarded in Bitcoins. Since mining with specialized computers has become very costly, it is best to sign up for a mining pool.

Earn income: You can always get paid in Bitcoins for services offered; for instance, you could be a freelance photographer, copywriter, web designer, artist, etc and request for payments in cryptos.